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Are you looking for a free language exchange partner to learn foreign languages?

There are 4 reasons why you should try Vidactic:

free language tandem partner

It's completely free

With us you get access to the largest available database of people interested in free language exchanges and you can explore your favourite language. Isn’t that great especially if you don’t need to pay for it! You can read more how our website works…
smart tandem partner searching

It has smart search

We will always find a language partner that fits your profile. Our smart searching algorithm will propose to you users with the same age, the same interests and availability. Read this article to learn more about our smart language pairing algorithm…
native speakers tandem partner language

It connects with native speakers

To reach language proficiency, Vidactic connects you only with native speakers. Learning by hearing the melody of the language is priceless. Additionally, you learn the culture and exchange different opinions. Do you want to get to know our teaching methodology?
efficient language learning

It saves your time

Forget about additional registration, plugins and time-consuming logging to Skype! Vidactic has it’s own video-conferencing that available to you and your language tandem partner free of charge. Have a look now why vidactic is so efficient.
native speakers tandem partner language

Language learning without borders

We all know how difficult and time consuming is to learn foreign languages; and how important it is to have a contact with the culture and melody of the language we are currently exploring. Practicing with native speakers is unfortunately a privilege of minority; long distances, large expenses and time constrains are the only few of those limitations.

Luckily, Vidactic gives you this wonderful chance to meet language enthusiasts from all over the world enabling unforgettable language partnerships and friendships.  Vidactic reinvents language learning specially for you!

vidactic easy language learning

Integrated video-chat to learn languages wherever you are

The mission of Vidactic is to connect language fanatics in fast and efficient manner. Using Vidactic just simply forget about additional registrations, installation of unwanted and suspicious plugins and time-consuming back and forth play with external communicators Skype!

Vidactic is simple to use. It has it’s own video-conferencing rooms that enables you and your language tandem partner to connect and practice foreign languages with out going out of your homes.  It has also easy booking and searching technology that will save lots of your valuable time.

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