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Your personalized textbook:

Do you want to master the language? Then learn the themes you need.
After the first session, we make your personalized textbook and your lessons will follow a set Spanish curriculum made
for your needs.
This guide book includes grammar, exercises, songs, etc., and it has been carefully developed over almost 8 years based on the Birkenbihl
method, the brain-friendly method.

No copies, no scanned books, no loose sheets. A real textbook for your best Spanish lessons!

Contact us and you will have free access to check out our resources:
* Vocabulary trainer
* Conjugator trainer
* Spanish nouns gender trainer
* “Avoid your mistakes” trainer
* Diverse exercises for your lessons
* Exercises with songs, audios and videos (with audio / text synchronization)
* “telenovela” (for the colloquial Spanish, with text guide)
* Games
* Literature
* e-books

Free language tandem exchange

We find a partner for you, a native Spanish speaker who wants to learn your language!. With your tandem parter you will have a contact not just with the language, but also with the culture. You will have language partners and also friends all around the world while you improve your Spanish skills!

We have the best teachers for you.
All our teachers are experienced and qualified teachers (with professional and master degree). They are waiting for you in order to give you their multicultural experience and their passion for teaching the language.

Check your lessons and your payment status
After the lesson, your teacher registers the class details. You can always check: the lessons you took, the homework you have and how many hours you have left.

The best prices
1 lesson hour = full 60 minutes
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