Language tandem – the perfect complement to language learning

language tandem exchange

Language tandems, so-called language exchanges with tutors, are both personalized and private foreign language lessons with native speakers. During language tandems you will not only learn language that is used in real, every-day situations but also exchange cultural differences and enjoy interesting conversations. Language learning does not need to be boring and grammar-based only! With your language tutor you will achieve similar results as during professional language lessons but in a shorter period of time. Nevertheless, tandems is the best existing complementary way of language learning; it helps to obtain colloquial expressions, understand cultural and social aspects of the country where the language is spoken as well as to meet interesting people from all over the word. All this with through our video-based online tandem partnerships.

With your tandem partner or language tutor you can listen to and talk to train “authentic conversational situations”. The same as you will travel in foreign country and try to talk with the locals. The tandem partnership offers also an open, informal and friendly way to meet language enthusiasts from other countries. Isn’t that amazing?!

Usually, learning in a tandem partnership is much less structured than in a conventional language courses at school. For this reason it is crucial to follow some important rules. Our tandem guide is going to help you to get the full benefit of your tandem session and also to improve what you already learn through the language exercises. Additionally, you should consider language tandems as practical tasks based on texts, images, learning materials that were specially designed in accordance with the themes you usually find in our learning modules.
To achieve the best results from your language tandem, so-called language exchange, you might follow our tips:


  • Take the advantage of language materials provided by our website. This will help you to work with your language tutor or partner in both efficient and structured way; a provided article will always guide your discussions and make suggestions for further activities. All articles will be proposed based on your language skills, interests and preferences.
  • Meet and talk to your language tutor regularly. Only regular training (preferably once per week) will bring your language skills to a higher level. You can achieve that by chatting with your partner always at the same day and time during the week. Such routine is the only way to meet your own expectations pertaining to your progress in language proficiency.
  • During you informal language tandems try to practice grammar and expressions that you have already learned. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Your language tutor will correct your mistakes and help you to understand the subtle differences between expressions you use in the conversations. The advices of native speakers are priceless in language learning and you will quickly notice how fast you progress with foreign language.

As already mentioned, language tandems and language exchanges are a must to gain foreign language proficiency. With vidactic, your language tandems are just in front of you. They are completely free and they are easy to plan and manage thanks to our own booking and pairing system. While registering just enter your availability, partner preferences and we will not only find and connect you with perfect native speaking language partner but also let you use our integrated video-conferencing system.