Birkenbihl method – the fastest way to learn foreign languages

With Vidactic you can start learning languages in 3 simple steps. But this is not all! Learning with us is also very effective and scientifically proven; all you use on the website is consistent with Birkenbihl method.

Birkenbihl method is brain-friendly foreign language learning technique that was developed by Ms. Vera Birkenbihl. It enables both left and right hemispheres of the brain in order to help the language students to progress quickly, in an efficient manner. Let’s see how Birkenbihl method works in practice:

Step one: Decoding

Birkenbihl method combines each text in foreign language with a word-by-word translation in a native language of the student. A translation is going to give a language student an instant comprehension and text understanding. Therefore you will never feel neither “lost” nor “anxious” due to the lack of understanding. In other words, your native language will be your “weapon” against foreign language. Even complete beginners are able to start language education with simple texts and audio recordings. It is because the decodification gives you the grammar of the new language in a subtly manner; your brain is going to abstract unconsciously the new rules of the foreign language. Isn’t that great!

Step two: Active listening

In Birkenbihl method every studied text is presented with accompaniment of a sound track containing a voice of a native speaker. Additionally, student can listen and read the word-by-word translation as described in paragraph about text decodification. In result, language student will understand everything from the beginning and his/her brain will “save” the new sounds with its equivalent meanings, thus connecting important connections. Moreover, you can repeat this step each time you want until you are confident with the new words and phrases. This will prepare your brain for real situations and conversations with native speaker, where several repetitions of the sentences might be tiring or even not feasible. Practicing these exercises between your scheduled tandems will increase the speed in which you learn the foreign language.

Step three: Passive listening

Passive listening is a very important part of Birkenbihl method. In this step student will listen the audio recordings again and again during every-day activities such as driving, cooking, relaxing, etc. However neither conscious sound interpretation nor special content understanding needs to be made. Doing this student becomes very familiar with the sound patterns of a foreign language and prepares himself to the next, very important step of Birkenbihl language learning technique: conscious generation of the sounds student already know. In other words, student will be able to talk like a native speaker.

Step four: Active reading, speaking and writing>

Thanks to Birkenbihl learning method you will be already at this step ready to produce something in the language you learn. That means, you will be able to write, talk, listen and read easily. This is because your brain has already prepared himself to understand the meaning in different contexts, to recognize the sounds or the words from the text and finally to produce a written or spoken responses.

That is not everything. Birkenbihl language learning method is beneficial because:

  • It allows a full usage of the brain and the its capabilities
  • It helps you to learn language quickly and efficiently
  • Thanks to real-time decodifications some funny phrases in your native language will be observed. These “odd” or “funny” sentences and expressions will be much easier to remember
  • You will not need a teacher as a student to learn foreign languages. The teacher will become a friend to practice what the students already learned rather than a main source of knowledge
  • Students will save valuable classroom time that can be spend on some other activities. Repeating and practicing the phrases and expressions might be made wherever you want, whenever you have time and confident to talk, write, read and listen; all these in a session with a native speaker
  • Birkenbihl method contains no grammar lessons; the grammar comes in an “underground”, unconscious way. You will start to speak without even noticing.