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Spanish has become a very important language in the world for many reasons, and I would like to invite you to learn it. I’m gonna be your guide in this journey. Its a beautiful journey actually, not as boring or hard as you could imagine.

We are going to do it from the comfort of your house and at your convenient time.

I am also a musician and a traveler. Besides teaching Spanish I’ve been traveling and learning many mysterious instruments from all over the world, that’s how I became a Spanish teacher

Well, I am a musician. I spend my time practicing and writing music, I play many instruments, now Im playing an interesting one called Handpan. The rest of the time, I teach Spanish.

I left Colombia to travel the world for 10 years, I was learning traditional instruments, and languages. That’s how I learned to speak Japanese and Chinese. There’s where I started to teach Spanish, to understand my language and find the way to teach in a fun and fast way, with me, you will learn for sure.

Now im back to Colombia and I’m very happy teaching online. I think is the best way! Every class I will prepare interesting topics for you, of course some grammar. But most important repeat, repeat, repeat until is there, forever, inside you.

I have patience, but I am also serious when it comes to learn something. I will help you but it also depends on your effort.
Lets try to have a class together!


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