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The best teachers

Our teachers are all qualified, experienced and with a big passion for the languages. They get along fine in at least 2 more languages in order to give you the exact feeling of the theme you learn and the lessons will follow a set language curriculum made for your needs. We are sure, with our teachers you are not going just to learn the language, you are going to love the lessons! Meet your teacher

The brain-friendly method

You already had learned your native language, why not using your language in order to be fluent in your Spanish / French? Birkenbihl method is brain-friendly foreign language learning technique wich was developed by Ms. Vera Birkenbihl. It enables both left and right hemispheres of the brain in order to help the language students to progress quickly, in an efficient way. Read more…
native speakers tandem

Your native partner

You will be in contact with a native partner for practicing and being confident before your travel!. Our tandem program bring you the language, the culture, friends around the world and -the best part- it is for free!.
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Efficient resources

* Guide book
* Vocabulary trainer
* Conjugator trainer
* Exercises with songs
* Telenovela (for the colloquial language)
* Games
* Diverse exercises
* e-books and more! Our resources…
native speakers tandem partner language

Language learning without borders

We all know how difficult and time consuming is to learn foreign languages; and how important it is to have a contact with the culture and melody of the language we are currently exploring. Practicing with native speakers is unfortunately a privilege of minority; long distances, large expenses and time constrains are the only few of those limitations.

Luckily, Vidactic gives you this wonderful chance to meet language enthusiasts from all over the world enabling unforgettable language partnerships and friendships. Vidactic reinvents language learning specially for you!

Spanish online

Online lessons:
learn wherever you are, whenever you want

Forget about wasting time and money in lessons that simply do not work.

Take your lessons at home, at the office, wherever you are. Talk with your tandem partner once, twice per week or more if you want.
You decide time and place, all you need is Internet connection.

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  • Best price 100%

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